Our favourite Mercedes Benz model is due for a complete makeover which should be revealed later this year and it will come with groundbreaking tech that will be adapted on future Mercedes Benz models. Ever since it’s original introduction in 1978, the S-Class was made to be a large, luxurious sedan for the rich which has gone to compete with the likes of Rolls Royce Cars and Bentley. Over the years, the S-Class has received various model variants such as the S-Class Coupe and Convertible which were first introduced in 2013.


W222 Mercedes Benz S-Class

W223 Mercedes Benz S-Class Rendered

The W222 S-Class has finally reached its production term after 7 years and it will be replaced by the upcoming W223. We are not sure when the reveal of the new S-Class will be but we can confirm that both the Coupe and Convertible variants will not join the new generation S-Class in the lineup and it will solely be the Sedan. There are some quite significant interior changes that include a portrait style tablet-like infotainment screen which is no longer joined with the instrument cluster.

We are not sure if this is a good move because you now have to look down to operate the screen which can be disturbing while driving. The interior on the spy shots is still covered and we cannot tell exactly how much change will occur in the new S-Class.

Getting to the exterior you will think that not much change has come to the new S-Class but there are some noticeable differences such as the new slim headlights. Most of the body is covered but you can see that it has been lowered and the roof is much lower at this point.

It’s highly unlikely that the new S-Class will be revealed at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show because this car deserves its own premiere show. Rumours have been going around that Daimler AG is considering a huge S-Class reveal event and we might also be teased with the upcoming full-electric EQS based on the S-Class.