Reports have surfaced that Audi and BMW are both interested in acquiring a piece of the McLaren Group. According to Automobilwoche, Audi wants to purchase the McLaren Formula One team division after discussions were reported sometime this year about them and Volkswagen having an intent to enter the sport in 2025 when new engine regulations are introduced. It’s a fact that the McLaren F1 Team suffered financial constraints during the pandemic and this has granted Audi an opportunistic move to join the pinnacle of motorsport.

The McLaren F1 team improved from a dismal performance back in 2017 when they had Honda engines powering the car but quickly moved from Renault to Mercedes and drastically climbing to the top with the likes of Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari. The timing for this acquisition comes at a sweet time for Audi as they will manage to not only develop efficient ICE engines for their road cars, but also staple their name in multiple motorsport championships through innovation and technology.

On the other hand, BMW is said to purchase the Automotive division which would make sense given their strong history with McLaren. They once supplied a V12 engine for the McLaren F1 car, not the race car, and that has automatically made it an icon in the industry. So what would it mean for McLaren if BMW manages to take control? New engines would be introduced in the supercar lineup and probably we could see the first-ever McLaren SUV.

It looks like this would be a split agreement between the three companies and each will benefit worthwhile. However, some reports suggest that Audi might just buy the whole lot if BMW backs down at some point but we will just have to see in the near future.

Source: Automobilwoche, Automotive News