The New Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster Unveiled

There she is, the new SL blossoming in new skin and looking rather gorgeous with it. This 70 year old nameplate with its livid Grandad, the 1955 300 SL, manages to showcase a strikingly beautiful persona. The 300 SL is still gorgeous by classic design standards and we still appreciate its creation in the modernContinue reading “The New Mercedes-AMG SL Roadster Unveiled”

10 Cars That Should Come To SA

You have to admit that recently the SA car market has been shaping in a rather incline manner whereby like the rest of the world, the popularity of SUVs has garnered the space and suddenly caught the attention of buyers. We’re seeing new vehicle nameplates that we have never heard of and those we neverContinue reading “10 Cars That Should Come To SA”

The Future Of Mercedes Benz Is Solidified As Several Electric Vehicles Are Revealed

The Stuttgart enterprise has delivered on their promise of showcasing several new models in the month of September. This includes a hybrid performance car, some internal combustion vehicles and several full electric cars. The latter models are the ones that made the headline recently with two production ready EVs and two concepts that are yetContinue reading “The Future Of Mercedes Benz Is Solidified As Several Electric Vehicles Are Revealed”

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E-Performance Revealed With Too Much Power

The Mercedes-AMG E-Performance division which was first announced with the introduction of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG One, has revealed the brand’s first ever hybrid performance model. This is something similar to the Porsche E-hybrid variants and it is meant to rival the Stuttgart adversary. However, its purpose is solely to showcase the abilities of a hybridContinue reading “The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E-Performance Revealed With Too Much Power”

The Hofele HG 63 ‘Limitless’

This “1 of 1” G63 AMG was commissioned by a customer to look as unique and as exclusive as possible. One thing about the design that stands off is the extensive use of carbon fibre which is not necessarily there for weight reduction but for aesthetic purposes. The front bumper, hood, side mirrors and widenedContinue reading “The Hofele HG 63 ‘Limitless’”

Mercedes Benz Reveals The EQS As The Most High-Tech Car

In 2019, Mercedes Benz unveiled the EQS Vision Concept which highlighted briefly on the production version in terms of the design language, the tech it will carry and the expected performance. Fast forward to 2021 and we have the retail product revealed which hasn’t compromised anything because they say that this is the most high-techContinue reading “Mercedes Benz Reveals The EQS As The Most High-Tech Car”

A GLE Coupe With An Interesting Two-Tone Paint

Need your GLE Coupe to stand out? How about one with a two-tone look perfected by Hofele. The highlight of the HGLE Coupe introduces more custom colours that can be optioned by the customer and this depicted model showcases two of them. The top half of the car is painted in Tiffany Rose Gold whilstContinue reading “A GLE Coupe With An Interesting Two-Tone Paint”

Moonbeam flavoured HG 63

Is there a question of too much G-Wagons being modified when Hofele is involved? I think not. Surprise… surprise because there is yet another one rolling off the production line and the designs keep on improving. This one shines with the Moonbeam Silver paint colour exclusive to it with some matte Carbon elements to addContinue reading “Moonbeam flavoured HG 63”

Power Output Of The Next C63e Finally Confirmed With 480 kW

So, the cat’s out of the bag or should I say, the ‘four’ cylinders are out of the engine bay. Mercedes-AMG has finally confirmed with a long document that the upcoming C63 AMG will come with a 4-pot engine. This is their envisioned plan of switching to a different concept of AMG models which willContinue reading “Power Output Of The Next C63e Finally Confirmed With 480 kW”

Meet The All-New Mercedes Benz C-Class

Mercedes Benz’s best-selling model has finally received a new face which will enable it to slot in between other models and match the new design language overlooking a complicated fascia for a sportier and elegant architecture. The designers have described this new model as an entry into a digital age considering all the new innovativeContinue reading “Meet The All-New Mercedes Benz C-Class”