210% Increase In EVs Searches In SA

With the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) fast increasing in leading markets across the world, it’s worth exploring how South Africans feel about battery-powered cars. Handily, an updated study conducted annually has done exactly that, capturing fascinating insights into what local buyers think of this increasingly important segment of the market. The 2021 South AfricanContinue reading “210% Increase In EVs Searches In SA”

The Defender Landmark Edition By Chelsea Truck Co.

The Chelsea Truck Company is obsessed with the Land Rover Defender as they have done various modifications to the model just because the look presents endless customization possibilities. What they focus mostly on is the enhancement of the surface look and that is evident at first glance with the Eiger Grey Metallic livery, black frontContinue reading “The Defender Landmark Edition By Chelsea Truck Co.”

10 Cars That Should Come To SA

You have to admit that recently the SA car market has been shaping in a rather incline manner whereby like the rest of the world, the popularity of SUVs has garnered the space and suddenly caught the attention of buyers. We’re seeing new vehicle nameplates that we have never heard of and those we neverContinue reading “10 Cars That Should Come To SA”

The Future Of Mercedes Benz Is Solidified As Several Electric Vehicles Are Revealed

The Stuttgart enterprise has delivered on their promise of showcasing several new models in the month of September. This includes a hybrid performance car, some internal combustion vehicles and several full electric cars. The latter models are the ones that made the headline recently with two production ready EVs and two concepts that are yetContinue reading “The Future Of Mercedes Benz Is Solidified As Several Electric Vehicles Are Revealed”

A RAM TRX With Over 1000 hp & 7 Seats

This creation immediately took my attention because it is based on one of the most ferocious pick-up trucks on the market. Hennessey took into account that if the Ford Raptor got the treatment of being turned into an SUV, then it would make sense for the RAM TRX to receive this conversion. This mainly includesContinue reading “A RAM TRX With Over 1000 hp & 7 Seats”

The i20 N Is Hyundai’s Latest Hot Offering

This new entrant to the compact hot hatchback is not exactly going to pounce through easily when the dominant Polo GTi exists but it has a unique taste of specs that it is offering to the segment. For starters, it has a courageous look inspired by the Rally version of it and a six-speed shifterContinue reading “The i20 N Is Hyundai’s Latest Hot Offering”

Top 5 upcoming cars in 2021

Gone is the not so substantial year 2020 and we have entered 2021 with the hopes of having fewer shocking events. But there is a lot to look forward to such as new cars that are planned to enter the SA market with many returning in new faces and new models that we have neverContinue reading “Top 5 upcoming cars in 2021”

Volkswagen Reveals The Golf 8 GTI Clubsport With 221 kW

I will not lie when I say that this reveal came as a shocker to me as I thought the GTI Clubsport was a once-off thing. The spy shots where a GTI with an aggressive body kit seen testing gave me the idea that there would be a next-generation TCR version but it turned outContinue reading “Volkswagen Reveals The Golf 8 GTI Clubsport With 221 kW”

The 1000 hp Retro Dodge “Hellephant” Super Charger

It is widely known that Dodge are the masters of insanity and they rub all of that lunacy on their customers which leaves them grasping for more. If you’re wondering what that first line means, it’s only referring to Dodge fitting large V8 blocks into almost every car they produce and that has created aContinue reading “The 1000 hp Retro Dodge “Hellephant” Super Charger”

Brabus G V12 900: The Most Powerful G-Class Ever Made

If you think the G63 AMG is not wild enough for your taste, how about you take a nice detour to Brabus wonderland and peek at one of the most insane G-Class models ever made. The G65 AMG died along with the 12-cylinder engine and we thought that we would never see a day withContinue reading “Brabus G V12 900: The Most Powerful G-Class Ever Made”