Hennessey Dodge Demon HPE1000: The Monster With 1000 Ponies

If you ever thought that the Dodge Demon was the peak of what Muscle cars could achieve given their performance, well you’re wrong because there’s even a more capable Mopar that pushes the boundaries even further. Hennessey looked at the stock Demon and thought it needs more power as if 840 hp wasn’t enough for the insane latter. They focused on the engine, improving all the components to get the most out of it because that is what Hennessey customers asked from them and that is what they are really good at.


The Demon shattered most of the records when it was released back in 2017 with its famous claims of the fastest 0-97 km/h for any production car in just 2.3 seconds and a quarter-mile run done in 9.65 seconds. The HPE1000 Dodge Demon takes it even further by doing the 0-97 km/h quicker in just 1.9 seconds and the quarter-mile run in 9.14 seconds. I thought Dodge was insane but Hennessey is just being ridiculous and this car was released back in 2018 with only 50 units made.


How did they do it? Well, Hennessey took the 6.2L HEMI V8, unscrewed the factory 2.7-litre capacity supercharger and installed their very own 4.5-litre supercharger which has a stronger pulley and a high-flow supercharger bypass valve. Along with that came a high-flow air induction system, stainless steel long tube headers, upgraded throttle body, upgraded fuel pump and fuel injectors because this beast of an engine needs to chunk more fuel at a precision rate. The transmission is still an 8-speed TorqueFlite automatic as the one found in the standard Demon.

Hennessey also adopted a calibration upgrade to keep the engine operating at an optimum level, better suit the rest of the functions to respond at an imminent pace and provide absolute maximum performance. They also installed a high-flow catalytic converter.


All this is to accommodate the intensity the engine will produce and how much you ask? About 1035 hp (772 kW) and 1285 Nm of torque sounds about right. You will wonder why such cars exist in the market but that is how muscle car heritage is all about and it seems like Dodge is currently the only company that’s still doing it right, counting Chevrolet and Ford of course, completing the famous mighty trio.

Hennessey is known for not touching the suspension and brakes of the cars they are tuning. So, the HPE1000 Demon retains an independent front suspension with all-round adaptive damping, 315/40-R18 street-legal drag tires, lightweight all-aluminium four brake caliper with 360 mm two-piece brake disc.

The HPE1000 still comes with the Demon Crate which includes the skinny front tires

The exclusive number of units were sold with a 1 year/ 12 000 mile limited warranty courtesy of Hennessey which put you at ease for a while if ever you encounter some mechanical issues. Later on in 2018, they provided an even more powerful version called the HPE1200 and it has, you guessed it, 1200 hp (895 kW). Honestly, at this point there is nothing that would surprise me more from that tuning company either than them also making the fastest hypercar in the world, the Venom F5.

Source: Hennessey Performance

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