The Mercedes Benz S-Class is one of the best luxurious cars on the market as it offers absolute comfort, cutting edge technology and exquisite design features. Hofele has considered taking the S-Class and giving it the proper exclusive treatment. Dubbed ‘The Ultimate S’ comes with unique design features which will put you aside from other S-Class owners. This S-Class is inspired by the Maybach variant but it keeps it very light designed to achieve uniqueness.

Hofele provides various customization options to make your S-Class have more presence and give it the clear statement of being a top notch luxury car. Not surprising that Hofele couldn’t keep their hands off the S-Class as it is considered one of the best Mercedes Benz cars on offer.

The S-Class is clearly a car that opened a new way of defining luxury, it’s also a bang for buck considering the price because in my opinion this can go against the top luxurious cars like the Rolls Royce Phantom or even the Bentley Mulsanne. It just has that thing of providing luxury without any compromise.

The Ultimate S is just in its own league, particularly this example on the pictures. You will notice the two tone colour scheme which is inspired by Maybach. The paintwork is finished in Osbidian Black with unique Tiffany Gold. The colour looks great, it brings out the exquisite look of the Ultimate S. The Ultimate S is fitted with Hofele Mythos 19-inch wheels which are similar to the C-Class Pan-Amerikana. Reminds me of my favourite Mercedes Benz rims found on various Mercedes cars. To finish off the luxury exterior they have fitted a Hofele ‘H’ stand up front bonnet emblem to emphasise that it is of Hofele Designs.

There is a quite a lot of Hofele badging including the trunk lid and side body panel close to the back window of the car. This is just to show how special the Ultimate S is. I really don’t mind the badges of the Hofele knowing very well I’m in a special bespoke car.

The silver outline on the door window frame adds on the uniqueness of the exterior design. The Front bumper has some chrome lining with the front grille being similar to the one found on the Mercedes- Maybach S-Class. The side skirts also have chrome finish strips. The rear bumper gets a unique chrome styling and Hofele’s signature exhaust tips.

The interior is definitely the place you will fall in love. Hofele really knows how to design a unique interior which will put you in a place of absolute comfort.

The two tone treatment on the seats mock the exterior colour of the car to give it a cool impression. The leather seats in this Ultimate S are in a diamond stitch design. You get two huge panoramic sunroofs and a lot of tech which remains unchanged as it comes from the normal S-Class. The interior is just perfect.

We are really lucky to have bespoke tuners like Hofele Designs to provide us with cars that really stand out. The Ultimate S is not exactly a show off car but rather is car with simplicity and beauty. This car is for exclusive purchase as Michael Hofele has stated that the owner is someone who does not follow others. It really is a very beautiful car.