Hofele-Designs is at it again and they have taken the prettiest yet bold Mercedes Benz C-Class and given it a proper makeover. Hofele is the sort of tuners who take even the most luxurious cars and maximize the comfort, look and sophistication to achieve absolute perfection. Several months ago Mercedes Benz released the facelift of the C-Class and it looks gorgeous, came with new tech features and more grunt to hold it up against its competitors.

If want a C-Class unlike any other, let Hofele step in and provide you with a posh, special C-Class. This Hofele-Design C-Class is called Pan-Amerikana derived from the road race ‘Panamericana’ which was won by the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL in 1952. Really suits the Bespoke C-Class very well and it’s very comforting to know that it carries a legendary name and as a customer who has bought the Pan-Amerikana, you will get a sense of importance and greatness with your special C-Class.

Anyway, you are asking yourself what’s so different about the C-Class Pan-Amerikana. Just by getting the first glance on the pictures you’ll notice the special grille which was taken from the design of the 1952 300 SL. The front bumper on its own comes in different customizations; you can either opt for real carbon fibre or high gloss black finish. The rear bumper is a different story because there quad exhausts fitted except that they are not real. Hofele hasn’t really avoided the Mercedes Benz usual ways of fitting fake exhausts. If you look close you will notice that there is only on exhaust on each of the two tips, but it still looks good anyway.

Now the interior is where Hofele shows its true magic. They offer a spec called the Hofele Branding Package which includes custom designed illuminated door sill plates finished in stainless steel. There is also Hofele branding on the exterior of the car, dedicated high quality floor mats and so much more top notch luxury. The seats really takes the eyes away really quick, made with Alcantara leather in flamenco red colour scheme. The interior really is special.

There is no doubt that your Hofele Pan-Amerikana C-Class will definitely stand out in a crowd because there is so much presence to it. Everything about it ticks the ‘wow factor’ and it’s most certainly a car with a prominent statement. The German auto tuner has managed to perfect another Mercedes Benz we never thought can be out perfected.