10 Cars That Should Come To SA

You have to admit that recently the SA car market has been shaping in a rather incline manner whereby like the rest of the world, the popularity of SUVs has garnered the space and suddenly caught the attention of buyers. We’re seeing new vehicle nameplates that we have never heard of and those we neverContinue reading “10 Cars That Should Come To SA”

The New Volkswagen Multivan Takes Shape

Let me address firstly that the new Multivan doesn’t necessarily replace the current Transporter generation but only the Caravelle trim which is the top of the range, luxurious spec model. The two-tone paint gave it away at first glance, well at least a hint or idea. This futuristic look is not only promising you theContinue reading “The New Volkswagen Multivan Takes Shape”

Volkswagen Unveils The Refreshed Polo

One of the most recognizable cars on SA streets has just received a facelift featuring some exterior styling tweaks but still remains familiar to the eye. Not only that but it also has the latest features like I.Q matrix LED lights, I.Q Drive Travel Assist and adaptive cruise control. This gives it a big jumpContinue reading “Volkswagen Unveils The Refreshed Polo”

Top 5 upcoming cars in 2021

Gone is the not so substantial year 2020 and we have entered 2021 with the hopes of having fewer shocking events. But there is a lot to look forward to such as new cars that are planned to enter the SA market with many returning in new faces and new models that we have neverContinue reading “Top 5 upcoming cars in 2021”

The Volkswagen R Brand Is Looking Good!

It is safe to say that the Volkswagen R brand is off to a rocketing pace and it’s gaining quite a lot of attention, primarily that is because of the foundation the Golf R has laid for the badge. The goal of this R badge is just like any other performance badge in the marketContinue reading “The Volkswagen R Brand Is Looking Good!”

Top 10 Most Powerful Hot Hatchbacks In SA

We all know that the South African automotive market is infested with hatchbacks such the Golf, Polo, i20, Clio, the list is endless and most buyers who are interested in performance cars tend to purchase the faster variants of those models which are hot hatchbacks. There are various reasons which may include looks, affordability, reliability,Continue reading “Top 10 Most Powerful Hot Hatchbacks In SA”

When Will The Golf 8 R And GTi TCR Be Revealed?

There have been various sightings of the more hardcore Volkswagen Golfs testing at the Nurburgring and it looked like a pretty intensive session. They are not wearing too much camouflage and you can actually see the body design and how different these two models will look. The Golf 8 GTi was revealed back in FebruaryContinue reading “When Will The Golf 8 R And GTi TCR Be Revealed?”