Toyota Unveils The Land Cruiser 300 Series

To think that Toyota is only replacing the comfort-oriented Land Cruiser after 13 years of the ongoing model shows how good it was in the market. The nameplate however is 70 years old, catering for different kinds of variants that existed with that name such as bakkies, SUVs and two-door SUVs. All combined have soldContinue reading “Toyota Unveils The Land Cruiser 300 Series”

The Toyota GR 86 Is Back With A Fresh Look

The car that Toyota created to resurrect the pure car culture enthusiasm still lives on with the same glorious recipe that comprises of a naturally aspirated engine, rear-wheel drive and a sweet manual gearbox. It was no surprise that the GT 86 did so well in terms of sales with more than 200 000 units soldContinue reading “The Toyota GR 86 Is Back With A Fresh Look”

Top 5 upcoming cars in 2021

Gone is the not so substantial year 2020 and we have entered 2021 with the hopes of having fewer shocking events. But there is a lot to look forward to such as new cars that are planned to enter the SA market with many returning in new faces and new models that we have neverContinue reading “Top 5 upcoming cars in 2021”

The Toyota Hilux Gets A Refreshed Look

For 2021, Toyota has refreshed the Hilux with an addition of a more powerful engine, some updated exterior styling, and a tweaked interior. The Hilux is currently Toyota’s best-selling model in South Africa and that doesn’t bring much of a surprise as it is known for its history of being robust, a potent workhouse, andContinue reading “The Toyota Hilux Gets A Refreshed Look”

Toyota Supra’s Power Output Boosted To 285 kW For 2021

Toyota announced just recently that the Toyota Supra update will get a power increase which means that finally, the Toyota Supra A90 will produce the power output it was intended to make at first. The news reached the ears of current Supra owners and some of them expressed their anger because it wouldn’t be fairContinue reading “Toyota Supra’s Power Output Boosted To 285 kW For 2021”

A Hotter GR Corolla Hatchback Is In Works

Looks like Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division is growing bit by bit as the “hot hatch Corolla” version has been rumoured to be in works but that has already been confirmed by Auto Express. Just months ago, the GR Yaris was revealed and it is inspired mostly by the rally version of it. However, the GRContinue reading “A Hotter GR Corolla Hatchback Is In Works”

2020 Toyota Corolla Quest Pricing

For a very long time, the Toyota Corolla Quest has grown to become one of the best sedans on the market and it’s now a popular purchase for company car fleets or for Uber drivers. It provided maximum practicality, good looks and comfort. The new one is no different at all as it takes theContinue reading “2020 Toyota Corolla Quest Pricing”

Toyota GR Yaris: A Rally Car For The Road

From Toyota comes the new Yaris! Okay, we know that doesn’t sound very much exciting, but what if I told you that this Yaris makes more power than a Golf GTi. This is the new Toyota model created in collaboration with Toyota’s racing division “Gazoo Racing” and the World Rally partner “Tommi Makinen Racing”. WhatContinue reading “Toyota GR Yaris: A Rally Car For The Road”

Top 5 Cars In December: Car Reveals & Launches

We are nearing the end of 2019, or should I say the end of the decade and entering the twenties. This decade has been nothing but a revolutionary turning point for the automotive industry with the introduction of many electric car models, hypercars using hybrid technology and of course the rise in the dominance ofContinue reading “Top 5 Cars In December: Car Reveals & Launches”