The New Rolls-Royce Ghost Appears With A “Post Opulent” Embodiment

It is not surprising that the majority of people keeping a close eye on Rolls-Royce haven’t mentioned that the first-generation Ghost was getting old and that’s because the design is just timeless but here we are in 2020 and a new model of the entry-level Rolls-Royce just got a new fascia with tons of newContinue reading “The New Rolls-Royce Ghost Appears With A “Post Opulent” Embodiment”

The Silver Spectre Shooting Brake By Niels Van Roij Design

Who would’ve thought that such a luxurious Rolls-Royce model could look this good in shooting brake form and the people who adore this look can thank Niels van Roij Design for shaping this beauty. The inspiration for this styled image comes from the 1930s shooting brake era and then modernized to look good in today’sContinue reading “The Silver Spectre Shooting Brake By Niels Van Roij Design”

Five Most Expensive Cars In The World

Car manufacturers have two main things that they do in their operation in the industry, build cars and sell cars which in return makes them money. Cars range in prices according to the various specifications and the target market, only concerning those who can afford them. Exotic cars, however, have a higher price margin andContinue reading “Five Most Expensive Cars In The World”