Only 7 Renault Megane RS Trophy 300 Units Will Come To SA

There was the soft RS Lux, the sportier RS Cup and now Renault South Africa has announced that the more hardcore Trophy edition is coming to SA with a manual gearbox and EDC automatic transmission. The exterior design has some distinct changes while wearing a Liquid Yellow Paint with Trophy racing flags decals on theContinue reading “Only 7 Renault Megane RS Trophy 300 Units Will Come To SA”

Top 10 Most Powerful Hot Hatchbacks In SA

We all know that the South African automotive market is infested with hatchbacks such the Golf, Polo, i20, Clio, the list is endless and most buyers who are interested in performance cars tend to purchase the faster variants of those models which are hot hatchbacks. There are various reasons which may include looks, affordability, reliability,Continue reading “Top 10 Most Powerful Hot Hatchbacks In SA”

Nurburgring Lap Times: Fastest Hatchback, Sedan & More

The Nurburgring, one of the most ferocious racetracks in the world. Located in the town of Nurburg in Germany, it is home to almost every car manufacturer who go there to test their latest performance models on this 20.8 km long, loop track because it has been found that the track puts cars on aContinue reading “Nurburgring Lap Times: Fastest Hatchback, Sedan & More”

Why Do People Dislike The Renault Kwid?

The car that nobody wants but still continues to sell like hotcakes and you might ask how that is possible. Nowadays people are highly likely to purchase a vehicle for the looks and that’s where the Kwid excels because, to be honest, it looks much better than the vehicles in the segment it’s in. EvenContinue reading “Why Do People Dislike The Renault Kwid?”