Audi And BMW In Talks To Purchase McLaren Group

Reports have surfaced that Audi and BMW are both interested in acquiring a piece of the McLaren Group. According to Automobilwoche, Audi wants to purchase the McLaren Formula One team division after discussions were reported sometime this year about them and Volkswagen having an intent to enter the sport in 2025 when new engine regulationsContinue reading “Audi And BMW In Talks To Purchase McLaren Group”

The Artura Is McLaren’s New Hybrid Supercar

A new era has dawned at the McLaren Automotive company which is a new configuration for their future models. It’s not electrification but an accustomed technology that we are quite frank with. They have decided to use hybrid technology but in a rather innovative way by changing certain aspects that come with it. They haveContinue reading “The Artura Is McLaren’s New Hybrid Supercar”

The McLaren Longtail Nameplate Lives On With The 765 LT

The Longtail name forever lives on with the newest McLaren model to bare that legendary nameplate, the 765 LT. It is based on the 720S featuring similar components but on the 765 LT, the weight has been shed off and the power output is increased. There will only be 765 units built and I amContinue reading “The McLaren Longtail Nameplate Lives On With The 765 LT”