The New Range Rover Unveiled

The fifth generation of one of the most recognizable vehicles has landed and it retains the iconic discernible shape. You won’t mistaken it for anything else because like a Porsche 911, its all about an evolutionary design and entering the second decade of the 21st century with a classic iteration but modernized and simplified toContinue reading “The New Range Rover Unveiled”

The Defender Landmark Edition By Chelsea Truck Co.

The Chelsea Truck Company is obsessed with the Land Rover Defender as they have done various modifications to the model just because the look presents endless customization possibilities. What they focus mostly on is the enhancement of the surface look and that is evident at first glance with the Eiger Grey Metallic livery, black frontContinue reading “The Defender Landmark Edition By Chelsea Truck Co.”

A Defender With A Bit Of Rust To Look Good

This is something that stands on the eccentric side as far as car aesthetics go because one of the many things that annoy car owners is rust, so why would you want it? Well, surely this Land Rover has rust on it for a reason and weirdly enough, it was commissioned by one of NeilsContinue reading “A Defender With A Bit Of Rust To Look Good”

The Heritage Vintage Customs Defender

The classic and traditional Land Rover fascia we know comes from the Defender and even though there is a new and modern one, enthusiasts of the old generation are still preserving and modifying it to meet new age standards. Case in point, Neils van Roij Design has customized a Defender for one of their customersContinue reading “The Heritage Vintage Customs Defender”

Upgrade Your Defender 110 With Kahn Automobiles

We have witnessed several modifications done by mod brands on the new Land Rover Defender that shift its tough and rugged persona, into a modern, cool appearance that should be appreciated by the other group of Land Rover customers but this very one takes the crown. The overall look sports a two-tone theme, inside andContinue reading “Upgrade Your Defender 110 With Kahn Automobiles”

The Project Kahn Ranger Rover Sport

The fellas at Project Kahn are offering customers the opportunity to customize their own Range Rover Sport to look much more desirable or buy one straight from them. The changes are subtle and attractive to keep the image of the car sophisticated and bossy, not too ostentatious but just right to make it stand out.Continue reading “The Project Kahn Ranger Rover Sport”

Top 10 Cars In September: Car Reveals & Launches

The Frankfurt Motor Show was the highlight of car reveals despite the event being held every two years. Automotive makers came in large numbers to showcase their latest creations and additional models to the line-up. Concept cars will not be featured on the list, only production-ready models. Here is our Top 10 car reveals andContinue reading “Top 10 Cars In September: Car Reveals & Launches”