Five Most Expensive Cars In The World

Car manufacturers have two main things that they do in their operation in the industry, build cars and sell cars which in return makes them money. Cars range in prices according to the various specifications and the target market, only concerning those who can afford them. Exotic cars, however, have a higher price margin andContinue reading “Five Most Expensive Cars In The World”

Six Most Powerful SUVs In The World

SUVs have adapted to every conceivable aspect of how cars are in general and by that, I mean they are a whole package and somewhat a bargain over conventional passenger cars such as sedans and hatchbacks. SUVs managed to match fuel efficiency of smaller cars and top of that they offer more like practicality, off-roadContinue reading “Six Most Powerful SUVs In The World”

The Fastest Accelerating SUVs In The World

The automotive market is now infested with SUVs due to the popular buy from customers. Part of the reason is that they are high riding vehicles which are more spacious and practical. Car manufacturers have seen the perfect opportunity to introduce performance SUVs for those who want the best of both worlds with quickness andContinue reading “The Fastest Accelerating SUVs In The World”

Nurburgring Lap Times: Fastest Hatchback, Sedan & More

The Nurburgring, one of the most ferocious racetracks in the world. Located in the town of Nurburg in Germany, it is home to almost every car manufacturer who go there to test their latest performance models on this 20.8 km long, loop track because it has been found that the track puts cars on aContinue reading “Nurburgring Lap Times: Fastest Hatchback, Sedan & More”

Top 10 Cars In September: Car Reveals & Launches

The Frankfurt Motor Show was the highlight of car reveals despite the event being held every two years. Automotive makers came in large numbers to showcase their latest creations and additional models to the line-up. Concept cars will not be featured on the list, only production-ready models. Here is our Top 10 car reveals andContinue reading “Top 10 Cars In September: Car Reveals & Launches”