Three New BMW Models Coming To SA With Prices Comfirmed

Three BMW models have been confirmed by BMW South Africa and each have a price tag attached (confirmed). Two of these models are facelifts for the current generation X3 M Competition and X4 M Competition sporting more aggressive frontend redesigns. The X3 LCI landed in SA a few weeks ago and it provided a glimpseContinue reading “Three New BMW Models Coming To SA With Prices Comfirmed”

The X3 & X4 LCI Revealed Alongside The M Variants

The Life Cycle Impulse, every BMW after a few years in production from its initial date of the reveal will receive a facelift which they call an LCI and the compact X crossovers were in line for that makeover. The X3 was already fine but personally, the X4 needed that the most and the refreshedContinue reading “The X3 & X4 LCI Revealed Alongside The M Variants”

BMW Reveals The ‘Exclusive’ M5 CS

We all knew this was coming ever since BMW revealed the 5 Series LCI and straight away hinted that the M5 will receive a special badge. It was easy enough to guess because elevating from the existing competition badge you get the CS (Clubsport). Like all the CS models, it should be lightened, acquire aContinue reading “BMW Reveals The ‘Exclusive’ M5 CS”

Top 5 upcoming cars in 2021

Gone is the not so substantial year 2020 and we have entered 2021 with the hopes of having fewer shocking events. But there is a lot to look forward to such as new cars that are planned to enter the SA market with many returning in new faces and new models that we have neverContinue reading “Top 5 upcoming cars in 2021”

The All-New BMW M3 Sedan & M4 Coupe Officially Revealed

What many would call a contentious car reveal is exactly the theme that BMW wanted or at least expected from every single person who witnessed the all-new BMW M3 and M4. Front facing the fifth generation platform, the BMW M3 G80 was expected to be a bit sensible and not come with the bizarre grilleContinue reading “The All-New BMW M3 Sedan & M4 Coupe Officially Revealed”

The New BMW M3 & M4 To Premiere On The 23rd Of September

We are nearing September, the month of spectacular car reveals that we are ought to savour because the next BMW M3 and BMW M4 will be revealed on the same day. BMW M announced that both models will come with a 3.0-litre straight six turbo engine with different power outputs. A 480 hp (353 kW)Continue reading “The New BMW M3 & M4 To Premiere On The 23rd Of September”

Five Most Powerful Sedans In South Africa

You purchase a sedan because you want four doors, four or five seats and a big boot but what if you were insane like I am? What if you have an enticing feeling to smoke a Golf GTi at a red light. Good news for you because SA is washed with a lot of powerfulContinue reading “Five Most Powerful Sedans In South Africa”

The BMW M5 F90 Gets A New Face

The time has arrived and BMW finally revealed the facelifted M5 F90 which is looking much more stunning than ever. There are a couple of things that should be highlighted like the new face, new features and new paint colours. Over the past 35 years, the M5 became iconic for being a subtle yet viciousContinue reading “The BMW M5 F90 Gets A New Face”

The Upcoming M3 G80 & M4 G82 To Launch With RWD First Then M xDrive Later

If you did not know, Markus Flasch who is the CEO of BMW M has revealed on an Instagram post that the upcoming BMW M4 G82 and BMW M3 G80 will be revealed in September 2020 and both models will be offered with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Some big news has surfaced noting thatContinue reading “The Upcoming M3 G80 & M4 G82 To Launch With RWD First Then M xDrive Later”