The Project Kahn Bentley Bentayga Centenary Edition

Let’s assume that the standard Bentley Bentayga doesn’t exuberate your taste and you don’t find it as appealing as it should be. The solution is to modify it inside-out, give it a more refined luxurious look and there is a bespoke car company called Kahn Automobiles that can do that job exceptionally. Their latest creationContinue reading “The Project Kahn Bentley Bentayga Centenary Edition”

Six Most Powerful SUVs In The World

SUVs have adapted to every conceivable aspect of how cars are in general and by that, I mean they are a whole package and somewhat a bargain over conventional passenger cars such as sedans and hatchbacks. SUVs managed to match fuel efficiency of smaller cars and top of that they offer more like practicality, off-roadContinue reading “Six Most Powerful SUVs In The World”

Five Most Powerful Sedans In South Africa

You purchase a sedan because you want four doors, four or five seats and a big boot but what if you were insane like I am? What if you have an enticing feeling to smoke a Golf GTi at a red light. Good news for you because SA is washed with a lot of powerfulContinue reading “Five Most Powerful Sedans In South Africa”

The Fastest Accelerating SUVs In The World

The automotive market is now infested with SUVs due to the popular buy from customers. Part of the reason is that they are high riding vehicles which are more spacious and practical. Car manufacturers have seen the perfect opportunity to introduce performance SUVs for those who want the best of both worlds with quickness andContinue reading “The Fastest Accelerating SUVs In The World”

Top 10 Cars In October: Car Reveals & Launches

The month of October had minimalist car reveals as others were overshadowed by the Golf 8, as it was attracting a lot of attention in the automotive market. Still, some admirable cars came out of wraps and had a fair share of fame. Here are our Top 10 Cars of October. Hyundai H1 iMax NContinue reading “Top 10 Cars In October: Car Reveals & Launches”