A Defender With A Bit Of Rust To Look Good

This is something that stands on the eccentric side as far as car aesthetics go because one of the many things that annoy car owners is rust, so why would you want it? Well, surely this Land Rover has rust on it for a reason and weirdly enough, it was commissioned by one of NeilsContinue reading “A Defender With A Bit Of Rust To Look Good”

The Hofele HG 63 ‘Limitless’

This “1 of 1” G63 AMG was commissioned by a customer to look as unique and as exclusive as possible. One thing about the design that stands off is the extensive use of carbon fibre which is not necessarily there for weight reduction but for aesthetic purposes. The front bumper, hood, side mirrors and widenedContinue reading “The Hofele HG 63 ‘Limitless’”

The Heritage Vintage Customs Defender

The classic and traditional Land Rover fascia we know comes from the Defender and even though there is a new and modern one, enthusiasts of the old generation are still preserving and modifying it to meet new age standards. Case in point, Neils van Roij Design has customized a Defender for one of their customersContinue reading “The Heritage Vintage Customs Defender”

The Kona N Is Hyundai’s Latest Hot SUV

The Hyundai N Model line up is expanding slowly but surely as the Kona N is the latest to join the performance pack and it serves as the first SUV in this brand. Already, the incredible i30 N has cemented a strong impression to the masses, that it is capable of maximising its abilities ofContinue reading “The Kona N Is Hyundai’s Latest Hot SUV”

Volkswagen Unveils The Refreshed Polo

One of the most recognizable cars on SA streets has just received a facelift featuring some exterior styling tweaks but still remains familiar to the eye. Not only that but it also has the latest features like I.Q matrix LED lights, I.Q Drive Travel Assist and adaptive cruise control. This gives it a big jumpContinue reading “Volkswagen Unveils The Refreshed Polo”

Mercedes Benz Reveals The EQS As The Most High-Tech Car

In 2019, Mercedes Benz unveiled the EQS Vision Concept which highlighted briefly on the production version in terms of the design language, the tech it will carry and the expected performance. Fast forward to 2021 and we have the retail product revealed which hasn’t compromised anything because they say that this is the most high-techContinue reading “Mercedes Benz Reveals The EQS As The Most High-Tech Car”

Audi Unveils The Q4 E-Tron Alongside A Sportback Version

With the market shifting towards the rapid rise of new EV models coming about, it’s not surprising why car manufacturers are increasing their electric model line-ups. Some have chosen to create a separate brand for electric cars such as Audi with their E-Tron name and the Q4 E-Tron together with the Q4 E-Tron Sportback areContinue reading “Audi Unveils The Q4 E-Tron Alongside A Sportback Version”

A GLE Coupe With An Interesting Two-Tone Paint

Need your GLE Coupe to stand out? How about one with a two-tone look perfected by Hofele. The highlight of the HGLE Coupe introduces more custom colours that can be optioned by the customer and this depicted model showcases two of them. The top half of the car is painted in Tiffany Rose Gold whilstContinue reading “A GLE Coupe With An Interesting Two-Tone Paint”

Moonbeam flavoured HG 63

Is there a question of too much G-Wagons being modified when Hofele is involved? I think not. Surprise… surprise because there is yet another one rolling off the production line and the designs keep on improving. This one shines with the Moonbeam Silver paint colour exclusive to it with some matte Carbon elements to addContinue reading “Moonbeam flavoured HG 63”

The Toyota GR 86 Is Back With A Fresh Look

The car that Toyota created to resurrect the pure car culture enthusiasm still lives on with the same glorious recipe that comprises of a naturally aspirated engine, rear-wheel drive and a sweet manual gearbox. It was no surprise that the GT 86 did so well in terms of sales with more than 200 000 units soldContinue reading “The Toyota GR 86 Is Back With A Fresh Look”