New Opel Astra Striking A Daring Look

There comes a model with a legendary name that seems to have fallen off in the South African market with newer generations. Not referring to sales but the prominence of popularity amongst the mouths of consumers because cars such as the Volkswagen Golf are going strong, at least with the GTI. But still, with theContinue reading “New Opel Astra Striking A Daring Look”

The Lightweight Lotus Emira Emerges

So, it has been stated that this will be the last internal combustion engine vehicle by Lotus and after this, they are promptly shifting to an all-electric lineup as part of the carmaker’s future endeavours. It is quite sad to see but after 70 years of producing staggering sports cars that were quite unique withContinue reading “The Lightweight Lotus Emira Emerges”

The New BMW 2 Series Coupe Revealed

The new BMW 2 Series has put the Bavarian fanbase in a tricky position as it actuates a pure RWD skeleton whilst maintaining a clean and acceptable look for the small Coupe because lately, BMW has been on a wild ride of, let’s just say experimental designs. The choice of styling is questionable, a trendContinue reading “The New BMW 2 Series Coupe Revealed”

Porsche Reveals Their Record-Breaking Cayenne Turbo GT Coupe

Should we consider this new Product from Stuttgart’s finest a surprise? I think not. Contrary to what the opponents in this segment aimed for, the Cayenne Turbo GT is a little distinct with the focus being on maximum cornering performance. It certainly isn’t the most powerful in the Porsche SUV range, overwhelmed by the 690Continue reading “Porsche Reveals Their Record-Breaking Cayenne Turbo GT Coupe”

The New Volkswagen Multivan Takes Shape

Let me address firstly that the new Multivan doesn’t necessarily replace the current Transporter generation but only the Caravelle trim which is the top of the range, luxurious spec model. The two-tone paint gave it away at first glance, well at least a hint or idea. This futuristic look is not only promising you theContinue reading “The New Volkswagen Multivan Takes Shape”

The X3 & X4 LCI Revealed Alongside The M Variants

The Life Cycle Impulse, every BMW after a few years in production from its initial date of the reveal will receive a facelift which they call an LCI and the compact X crossovers were in line for that makeover. The X3 was already fine but personally, the X4 needed that the most and the refreshedContinue reading “The X3 & X4 LCI Revealed Alongside The M Variants”

Toyota Unveils The Land Cruiser 300 Series

To think that Toyota is only replacing the comfort-oriented Land Cruiser after 13 years of the ongoing model shows how good it was in the market. The nameplate however is 70 years old, catering for different kinds of variants that existed with that name such as bakkies, SUVs and two-door SUVs. All combined have soldContinue reading “Toyota Unveils The Land Cruiser 300 Series”

The Rimac Nevera With Nearly 2000 hp Is Revealed

Month after month, prototypes after prototypes, jumping from one tease to another and finally, Rimac has unveiled the Nevera which remains a heavily developed Concept Two but let’s just get that out of the way. So, this is an electric hypercar with a bunch of electric motors and over 1000 hp at its disposal, nothingContinue reading “The Rimac Nevera With Nearly 2000 hp Is Revealed”

The Ford F-150 Lightning Finally Revealed

‘F-150 is now electric’, ‘The lightning name is back’, ‘The F-Series charges up’, some of the many headlines on the internet for this highly anticipated pick-up truck. Not so surprising as the F-150 is America’s best-selling vehicle and every change it receives, no matter how small or big it is, be sure that it willContinue reading “The Ford F-150 Lightning Finally Revealed”