10 Cars That Should Come To SA

You have to admit that recently the SA car market has been shaping in a rather incline manner whereby like the rest of the world, the popularity of SUVs has garnered the space and suddenly caught the attention of buyers. We’re seeing new vehicle nameplates that we have never heard of and those we neverContinue reading “10 Cars That Should Come To SA”

The Future Of Mercedes Benz Is Solidified As Several Electric Vehicles Are Revealed

The Stuttgart enterprise has delivered on their promise of showcasing several new models in the month of September. This includes a hybrid performance car, some internal combustion vehicles and several full electric cars. The latter models are the ones that made the headline recently with two production ready EVs and two concepts that are yetContinue reading “The Future Of Mercedes Benz Is Solidified As Several Electric Vehicles Are Revealed”

The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E-Performance Revealed With Too Much Power

The Mercedes-AMG E-Performance division which was first announced with the introduction of the upcoming Mercedes-AMG One, has revealed the brand’s first ever hybrid performance model. This is something similar to the Porsche E-hybrid variants and it is meant to rival the Stuttgart adversary. However, its purpose is solely to showcase the abilities of a hybridContinue reading “The Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E-Performance Revealed With Too Much Power”

Audi RS3 Unveiled In An Aggressive Look

And the hottest Audi hatch has finally revealed all its might and taking the charge to the Mercedes-AMG A45 S. Although it doesn’t pack more power than its rival, the main aim was to improve on its dynamics rather than the brawniness. It bears the 2.5 TSFI heart that beats with a 1-2-4-5-3 sequence whichContinue reading “Audi RS3 Unveiled In An Aggressive Look”

Aston Martin’s V8 Hybrid Valhalla Revealed

In the era of culminating the bond of road cars with Formula One technology, Aston Martin breeds two, not so distinctive, supercars with the one just revealed edging towards the hypercar form. The Valkyrie is purely hypercar spec and the Valhalla is dubbed the baby version with a mid-engine configuration and the application of newContinue reading “Aston Martin’s V8 Hybrid Valhalla Revealed”

Hyundai Showcases Their Hottest Elantra N

In today’s article of cars that we’ll never get to see in South African is this hot Korean sedan that bears the fully-fledged N badge. Through the observation of the N-Line Elantra’s popularity and how the customers praised its warm-like performance capabilities, it was ideal and obvious that the 2.0-litre turbopetrol 4-cylinder will see itsContinue reading “Hyundai Showcases Their Hottest Elantra N”

New Opel Astra Striking A Daring Look

There comes a model with a legendary name that seems to have fallen off in the South African market with newer generations. Not referring to sales but the prominence of popularity amongst the mouths of consumers because cars such as the Volkswagen Golf are going strong, at least with the GTI. But still, with theContinue reading “New Opel Astra Striking A Daring Look”

Is Dodge Making An Electric Car?

An unusual announcement has come from Stellantis, the owners of Dodge, that an EV muscle car is on the way, due in 2024. That is something that even ordinary folks cannot quite imagine because whenever the word ‘muscle’ is mentioned in conjunction with ‘car’, you start to think of a high-powered V8 vehicle. And it’sContinue reading “Is Dodge Making An Electric Car?”

The Lightweight Lotus Emira Emerges

So, it has been stated that this will be the last internal combustion engine vehicle by Lotus and after this, they are promptly shifting to an all-electric lineup as part of the carmaker’s future endeavours. It is quite sad to see but after 70 years of producing staggering sports cars that were quite unique withContinue reading “The Lightweight Lotus Emira Emerges”

The New BMW 2 Series Coupe Revealed

The new BMW 2 Series has put the Bavarian fanbase in a tricky position as it actuates a pure RWD skeleton whilst maintaining a clean and acceptable look for the small Coupe because lately, BMW has been on a wild ride of, let’s just say experimental designs. The choice of styling is questionable, a trendContinue reading “The New BMW 2 Series Coupe Revealed”