An unusual announcement has come from Stellantis, the owners of Dodge, that an EV muscle car is on the way, due in 2024. That is something that even ordinary folks cannot quite imagine because whenever the word ‘muscle’ is mentioned in conjunction with ‘car’, you start to think of a high-powered V8 vehicle. And it’s crazy that this will be an imminent change from large displacements to none at all because we are used to the ways of a car manufacturer gradually reducing the engine size until there is no choice but to electrify the model.

A slogan debuted for Dodge’s electrified future which goes like, “Tear up the streets… Not the planet” and the CEO of Dodge added that the brand will not sell electric cars but eMuscles. So, it is quite possible that the successor of the Challenger and Charger model will be an electric vehicle with a Mopar stature.

A video was released at the presentation that was given on the 8th of July and it showed a glimpse of a concept car that was doing a four-wheel burnout which is so Dodge-like. I mean yes, EVs are taking over, and it’s not all that bad for Dodge to adapt to this transition in the auto industry but it will be a bit weird to see it happening because what defines a muscle car is its V8 motor and the sound.

At least create a separate, powerful electric Dodge model and keep the ICE variants around for a couple more years. The merger with the PSA group has unraveled some changes that will take place and it has prioritized EVs at best. We shall wait it out and see whether this decision will make sense when a first look at the EV Challenger moniker arrives.