Well, not exactly gone because what Groupe Renault has done was to rebrand the RS name to Alpine. This transition happened on the 1st of May and was made official on that day. The name change of this entity forms part of the creation of the Alpine Business unit, and the intention here is to give the performance division a unique facet.

Currently, there is one model which was built using the Alpine name and that is the 110. It’s a coupe sportscar which has 1.8-litre turbopetrol engine producing either 249 hp (186 kW) or 288 hp (215 kW) on the A110S, and 0-100 km/h is achievable under 4 seconds. It is very light as well which proves for a great driving experience as reviews have suggested.

The Alpine name has existed long before since 1955 and it carries a significant rich history in the Renault brand. It is known in various motorsport competitions such as Rally, Formula 3 and Formula 2. Now they exist in the Formula 1 space as a constructor competing against other nine teams, as Alpine F1 Team changing from Renault F1 Team.

The CEO of Alpine says, “Alpine aims to be a premium sports brand at the forefront of innovation and technology”, which hints that they want to be on par with the competition or even be better. They have even stated that there are plans to produce full electric sports cars.

Source: Alpine Press Release