Moonbeam flavoured HG 63

Is there a question of too much G-Wagons being modified when Hofele is involved? I think not. Surprise… surprise because there is yet another one rolling off the production line and the designs keep on improving. This one shines with the Moonbeam Silver paint colour exclusive to it with some matte Carbon elements to add on to the style. The front sports the traditional panamericana grille in Light Black Chrome but as standard it’s Bright Chrome.

This being all pimped out, there is a need for big wheels and they’ve definitely went big by fitting 24-inch Cross-spoke forged alloy wheels. Big as they are, the extended wheel arches do a good job at housing them perfectly. The retractable side steps have been included to make it easier to get in to this jacked-up SUV plus the doors open much wider than a standard G-Class. The steps move with the side tailpipes which have a valve-controlled exhaust system.

As you step inside, you will gasp and shout the word ‘Red’ because its so Red! The seats, the roof, the dash, the inside of the door panels is all in Red. Not the ghastly type of colour because it just works well for an SUV such as this. The party piece in the cabin are the two individual rear seats wrapped in Bengal Red Nappa leather and they have been dubbed the ‘Style Two’ and they are positioned further backwards adding an extra 10 centimetres of legroom. The Style Two features a centre console with wireless charging for smartphones and the seats are heated, ventilated and have memory setting.

There is Alcantara headlining, lamb’s wool rugs and carbon trim elements on the floor of the luggage compartment. Hofele went all out to produce luxurious G-Wagons and this shows that they are keeping a close eye at the competition. They won’t fall out at all because they offer unique products that target the right audience.

Source: HG 63 Sport by Hofele

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