It is not surprising that the majority of people keeping a close eye on Rolls-Royce haven’t mentioned that the first-generation Ghost was getting old and that’s because the design is just timeless but here we are in 2020 and a new model of the entry-level Rolls-Royce just got a new fascia with tons of new features. This being the brand’s most successful model to date, it had to be revitalized but remaining a grandeur of opulence. The previous generation Ghost is only 10 years old and there are some characteristics that customers have pointed out that they want to still remain on the Ghost plaque and Rolls-Royce listened by keeping it much refine and subtle with good looks. They say the only things carried from the old Ghost is the umbrella and the Spirit of Ecstasy. Still not convinced by that statement? Let’s dive in on what has changed.


There is so much anticipation and expectation that Rolls-Royce has to meet for its customers to provide the usual eloquent experience that is known by the mass who have been in a Rolls-Royce. The trick was to take their excellent Aluminium Spaceframe Architecture that they also use on the Phantom and Cullinan, and adopt it on the Ghost which has made it ideal to achieve a 50/50 weight distribution as the engine sits behind the front axle. The body is made out of 100% aluminium and the design has a clean look thanks to a one piece of aluminium body panel which starts from the A-pillar, goes over the roof and backwards to the rear of the car. The execution is perfect and showcases the curvature appearance.

The front headlights are laserlights that can illuminate light up to 600 metres and adapts to cornering and avoids blinding incoming cars at night. The radiator grille now has an illumination feature with 20 LEDs underneath. The Spirit of Ecstasy is no longer surrounded by panel lines but rather sits on a metal base on the bonnet. The rear lights design is much narrowed and angular with redesigned LED lights.

Engine and Suspension

It amazes me that a new car still comes with a V12 engine as we know how regulations are killing these big engines bit by bit. However, we cannot say the middle finger was raised but to think that the engine displacement was increased from 6.5-litre to 6.75-litre kind of proves that they might have flipped off the man with a clipboard and have stayed true to their roots. As a result, the power output is now up at 563 hp (420 kW) and 850 Nm torque made available at 1600 rpm. Despite its weight, it can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 250 km/h. That rapid acceleration was made possible with an addition of four-wheel drive which is a first on the Ghost and what’s also new is all-wheel steering, and that should make it easier to manoeuvre this giant.

The most famous aspect about driving a Rolls-Royce is the ride comfort which they have incorporated as the Magic Carpet Ride. They have stated that it has been improved and carries a certain term called the Planar Suspension System, detailing a sense of flat and level glide on the road. The suspension spots an upper wishbone damper above the front suspension and has Flagbearer system that reads the road ahead and adjusts the suspension accordingly so that the occupants won’t feel the bumps.

Rolls-Royce have fiddled around with the suspension set up by installing electronically controlled shock absorbers and self-levelling high-volume air struts and coupled that with air suspension. The results are what they need to make it the most comfortable cabin experience of any car on the market.


The simplicity design of this car’s interior is extremely beautiful but that has required a lot of handcraftsmanship and hours to get each stitching, polishing of wood and metal correct. The cabin matters a lot to Rolls-Royce and they ensure that customers are well insulated and comfortable. The noise reduction has always been astonishing in a Ghost and here they used 100 kilograms of sound absorbing material plus double-glazing glass. You are well disconnected from the world for the time that you spend driving a Ghost.

There is a MicroEnvironment Purification system that filters the air coming through the cabin vents and provides a refreshing atmospheric smell. The whole dashboard design has an evolution design that is more appealing and technologically advanced with a new infotainment system and digital instrument dials. The passenger side has the ‘Ghost’ name illuminated and surrounded by 850 celestial stars that is an illusion done by 152 LEDs integrated into the dash plus that correlates with the beautiful Startlight headliner.

The new Ghost hasn’t changed much in terms of appearance which is good and the whole idea was to make it much more refined by improving the internals and fine tuning the small details to make it as perfect as possible. Then you remember that Rolls-Royce once advertised the Phantom as a fun car instead of treating it only as a softie and that’s what they did with the Ghost. Making it driver-oriented and a chauffeur-driven car package.

Source: 2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost Media Information