There is one distinct factor about Mercedes-AMG models that spells out the word “insanity” and that comes in a bundle of brute force, stunning looks and a breathtaking experience. But what if you could dial it up a notch and took it further into a ludicrous stage. That is where the Brabus steps in to take an ordinary Mercedes Benz or AMG model and feeding it some outrageous specifications, bringing it to unbelievable heights. A year ago, the S650 Brabus 900 was introduced to the market and garnered the “Rocket” name which was quite bizarre to see on a luxurious car but it was there for a good reason.

If you know Brabus very well, then you’d immediately know that they are responsible for some of the sickest cars to ever exist in history and they don’t know any limits to tuning a car. What they do is amp up the looks and interior then move on to the most important part of the car which is the engine. They took the Mercedes-Maybach S650 L and turned it into completely unrecognizable beast.


Brabus engineers first examined the M279 V12 engine and decided to increase the power output. How much you ask? Well the number is in the name of the car and that is a whopping 900 hp (662 kW) with a torque figure of 1500 Nm shifted on a 7-speed automatic transmission. That is a power increase of 279 hp (208 kW) and a torque increase of 500 Nm over the standard Maybach S650 and also the performance comes much higher as it can do 0-100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 350 km/h. All of that is thanks to the engine but it begs the question of how they managed to achieve this.

Firstly, they stripped down the engine completely in order to bore out each of the 12 cylinders and increasing the displacement size from 6.0-litres to 6.3-litres to create space for more combustion. Then they replace most of the parts with their very own in-house manufactured components which include the crankshaft, forged aluminium connecting rods and forged pistons to save weight. That also means the camshaft, valves, springs and fuel injectors need to be replaced with the variants issued by Brabus and that is done to achieve the maximum engine performance.

The two turbos are replaced with much bigger ones with larger compressor units and larger turbines and a modified exhaust manifold. The air intake system is upgraded to feed more air to the turbos. All of this improvement causes a lot of heat and to manage that they took a page off the McLaren F1’s scheme and used a Gold heat reflector because that dissipates heat efficiently. The engine’s ECU is calibrated and modified to manage all the errors and processes so that it always works at peak optimum level. All of this engine rebuild is done by hand and each is assessed to ensure that no mistakes were made and that means the precision goal is met.

The brakes and suspension remain untouched because they are found to be still good enough to bare all of this power without breaking a sweat. The Mercedes MAGIC BODY CONTROL system which reads out road bumps ahead and adjusts the suspension to provide a smooth ride has been altered to the taste of the whole car which eliminates any discomfort.


It can only get meaner on the outside if it has the heart of a beast and that is to swap out some of the bits for much more aggressive ones. The front gets a Brabus specified grille with add-on chrome bits and a lip spoiler. The three-pointed star logo is swapped out for a “B” logo on the front and rear, and chrome quad-circular exhaust pipes with a larger diffuser are included. The shoes are available in different designs with my favourite being the Monoblock M light-alloy forged wheels and that reminds me of the classic Mercedes Benz models.


The inside has been pampered quite a lot to make it feel even more special than a Maybach and that starts with the seats which in the Brabus are wrapped in Mocca-brown leather with black-stitching. The seats are heated, cooled and ventilated plus they are electronically adjustable with an addition of seat memory function. The rear seats are much special as they have soft two-piece headrests, there is a rear shelf 2-piece covered in leather, starry night sky in the headliner with integrated LED lights and all-round ambient lighting.

It doesn’t look that much apart from a conventional Maybach S650 but that on its own remains special and most customers will like the interior and appreciate the engine more. There were not a lot made because owners had to order and wait for at least a year to come and collect theirs.

The Brabus 900 Rocket makes a lot of sense because when you are purchasing a large luxurious sedan, you still want a bit of terror when you put your foot down and it can deliver that whilst you are cocooned in an exquisite space. 900 hp is affiliated with supercars and hypercars but it doesn’t hurt to shove all of it into a sedan to magnify an unhinged demeanour and present it to a market you know will welcome it with open arms.

Let’s say you that want to purchase it in South Africa, that would set you back to around R5.8 Million.

Source: Brabus 900 – Mercedes-Maybach S650 L spec sheet