BMW is planning to reveal the facelifted 5 Series G30 which will come with updated headlights and taillights, modern BMW infotainment system which includes the latest iDrive system alongside the current BMW digital instrument cluster, that I don’t like very much, and an increase in power on some engines offered on different model variants. The performance models which are the normal BMW M5 F90 and the competition model will also get the new face but not an increase in power because there is a cousin that will be joining them in “Club Sport” form.

That is the M5 CS which will be a more hardcore M5 and set out to be the most powerful and fastest M5 ever made. With CS tradition, the weight will be shed and the power output increased. If you’re asking by how much horsepower, then we are guessing it will be an increase of 19 hp more from the competition model which should bring the total power output to around 644 hp (474 kW) if not more or less. This will add up to an insane 0-100 km/h sprint time and lap times.

Mercedes-AMG is also working on an E63 S AMG facelift and we suspect that it will produce more power than the outgoing model and that gave us an idea as to why BMW is bringing in a CS model because, between these two fast saloons, it’s a horsepower battle.

The BMW M5 CS has been spotted on several occasions doing tests with a mere camouflage disguise on the front end. It should be revealed quite soon when BMW decides to show off the facelifted 5 Series but we already dug deep and found some leaked images.

Source: BMWblog