There have been various sightings of the more hardcore Volkswagen Golfs testing at the Nurburgring and it looked like a pretty intensive session. They are not wearing too much camouflage and you can actually see the body design and how different these two models will look. The Golf 8 GTi was revealed back in February and people had mixed reactions towards the design while others pointed out it looks too soft and not aggressive enough but then more press photos were revealed and it looked great in a different spec with wheels.DB2020AU00172_large-Large-1024x540


We had some trusted sources which correctly predicted the power output of the GTi and we still believe that the very same sources have the right specs for these two upcoming models. The Golf 8 R is said to produce 240 kW while the GTi TCR will make do with 221 kW going to the front wheels only. Sounds like a bit much but the front diff of the GTi is so advanced that Volkswagen themselves say it can handle power to some unbelievable extent and they will come with cutting edge technology that will put the competition to sleep.

I know you want to know when these models will be revealed and I think I have some good predictions on the unveiling date. We believe that the Golf 8 R should be revealed in August or September this year and it won’t be at an auto show due to the ongoing pandemic, however, the GTi TCR will be so long till we see the next one because the current Golf 7.5 GTi TCR is set to go on sale next month in SA.

We love the Golf so much and we believe that when the model range including the GTi launch in SA, the sales will skyrocket as everyone will want to get their hands on the most advanced Golf ever made.