BMW’s flagship model is in danger of losing it’s 12-cylinder engine as rumours suggest that the M760i/Li will end its production sometime this year. This model variant was introduced on the BMW 7 Series G11/G12 generation which gained a reputation for being the most powerful BMW model ever made when it was revealed, not counting the Alpina models. Unfortunately, it will see the end of its days soon thanks to the European emissions regulations which are killing popular models one by one including the Ford Focus RS which was announced not to be introduced for a new

The engine is BMW’s N74B66 6.6-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine which is one of the biggest engines fitted to a BMW model. For the pre-facelift model, the engine produced an incredible 602 hp (449 kW) and 800 Nm of torque and it could do 0-100 km/h 3.7 in seconds despite its excessive weight and the fast pace was thanks to BMW’s xDrive system. The facelift model had a power reduction of 10 hp (8 kW) but gained an extra 50 Nm of torque after some engine tweaking. The top speed is limited to 250 km/h like any other BMW model but can be increased to 305 km/h as an option.


The M760Li is unique with its own design cues and kit, like the M performance tuned steering wheel, an M performance exhaust system with unique quad exhaust tailpipes design and some special M performance tyres. There are some V12 badging on several places on the car like on the interior’s centre console and on the outside C-pillars, and BMW made special 20-inch alloy wheels for the M760Li.

It is sad to see that big engines are slowly fading away and soon enough it will be the little engines that will suffer the same fate also. Mercedes Benz initially cancelled the S65 AMG which packed a V12 engine and gave it a proper send-off with a “Final Edition” model. Maybe BMW will do the same for the M760Li, feels honourable that way.

The future is electric and that is the line that car manufacturers are preaching in their latest car brochures and I can’t tell you how dreary that sounds. An electric version of the 7 Series might be in works and it should be more powerful and much faster than the one with an internal combustion engine

Source: CarBuzz