And Hofele drops another spectacular creation based on the G63 AMG and this one is much more special than the previous G-Wagons they once worked on. They have not gone crazy with this model which is dubbed the HG Sport and it not only focuses on luxury but also sportiness. There are various carbon fibre bits they have added on the exterior and we will talk about that in a bit but what you should also know is that the engine and internal component have not been fiddled with.

A1 - Nr 2681 HOFELE HG-Sport - Carbon Grille (1)A2 - Nr 2684 HOFELE HG-Sport, rear view (1)

Because of that, the HG Sport still uses the standard 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces a healthy 577 hp (430 kW) and 850 Nm of torque and sprints from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 220 km/h. It is a licensed bespoke model with Mercedes Benz meaning the warranty won’t be affected and you can still bring it for service at your local Mercedes Benz dealerships. So it is still a G63 AMG wearing a fancy coat but not just any coat because what Hofele has done to this G-Wagon is beyond mouth-watering.

First and foremost, the front has a distinctive grille specially made for this model and it can be finished in either carbon fibre, chrome or just the body colour. A low-profile roof shield has been added and houses the LED Beam lights which look pretty cool. The bumper gets LED lights with chrome strips and the strips are separated by a rectangular piece made with carbon fibre. Going to the sides you will notice these huge 24-inch Cross Spoke forged alloys with carbon fibre wheel arches surrounding these beautiful wheels.

The party piece is between the front and rear wheels. Yes, I’m talking about the electronically retractable side steps like you find of Range Rover models. The issue here would be moving the signature G-Wagon side pipes but Hofele has found a solution by letting the side-step move with the side pipes and honestly this is the coolest feature I have ever seen on any G-Wagon. This makes it easier to climb in and out of this high riding beast. The rear end is perfected with a special Hofele rear-mounted spare wheel made with carbon fibre, mimicking a 12-spoke wheel.

B9 - Nr 2702 HOFELE HG-Sport, dashboard

If you know Hofele, then you’d not be surprised to come in contact with a beautiful interior made with exquisite material like leather, Alcantara and carbon fibre. But there is something unusual going on in the G-Wagon, it has three-row seating. I say that because a normal G-Wagon doesn’t have this but the HG Sport does and it works well thanks to the SUVs big body. The last row seats can be removed if not needed.

Hofele has dropped its magic touch by covering the seats in Berry Red leather with Octagonal shape stitching and of course, the steering wheel receives the same treatment but not entirely as the rest is covered in carbon fibre. There is Alcantara lining on the roof, the pillars and the seat’s backs. Carbon fibre has also been used on the centre console to remind you that this is not just a luxurious G-Wagon you sitting in.

B12 - Nr 2682 HOFELE HG-Sport, Chrome-GrilleB2 - Nr 2689 HOFELE G-Sport, side, Cross-Spoke wheels polished-1


If you own a normal second-generation W463 G-Wagon and your jaw dropped after seeing the HG Sport, you can still take it to Hofele and they will customise it with your preferred personal touches. There are still new models that Hofele is yet to reveal and I am guessing that the next one will be a bespoke V-Class. You can read more about the G-Wagon’s history right here.


Source: Hofele HG Sport Press Release