Fancy a bespoke E-Class Cabriolet? If yes, then look no further because Hofele just released a one of a kind drop-top beauty based on the Mercedes Benz E53 AMG. It’s called the Hofele HE Cabriolet and straight away it looks like the pimp daddy in the model range. What makes this so different from the normal E53 AMG model is that the luxury character of it increases more and showcases a bit of grandeur resonance. Hofele provides an exceptional upgrade from the E53 AMG in terms of luxury and quality while providing, “an elegant, sophisticated with a touch of sportiness” design language.

Quick reminder about the E53 AMG, it is powered by a 3.0 litre turbopetrol inline 6-cylinder assisted by an EQ Boost motor and together they produce 429 hp (320 kW) and 520 Nm of torque. Hofele doesn’t mess around in the engine compartment as they don’t specialize in that.

What they concentrate on is the visual aspect of the vehicle which is the exterior and the interior. This particular model is finished in Royal Peacock Blue metallic and that colour is unique to this model only unless you’re willing to cough out extra cash for that paint job. The distinctive, signature Hofele grille inspired by the Panamericana design is finished in chrome alongside the lower, front air intake outlets in chrome also. An added hockey stick-like chrome strip is fitted on the side to provide the side profile design with a more exquisite look.


The mirror caps are also treated to a chrome feature with a chrome piece on the door panels running along the front pillar, all the way to the back of the rear seats. The rear diffuser has been finished in chrome and the quad exhaust pipes as well. It is riding on 21-inch Turbine style wheels in high gloss silver with the Hofele name engraved on the rim. Hofele decided to chrome-out the HE. It’s looking absolutely gorgeous and I know some will find it too ghastly but really a car like an E-Class deserves this much of “Class” and by that, I mean lots of “show off” parts.

Nr 2711 HOFELE HE based on E-class, DUNKEL

The Royal Peacock Blue colour is also added on the interior part on the rear seat’s back. The folding top is also in blue to complement the body colour. The finest, quilted materials were used throughout the interior parts including Magnolia Nappa leather which was used on the seats, armrest, dash and on the inside of the doors. Hofele switched the plastic parts in the normal E53 AMG interior for more plush material like brushed metal and wood.

As I have mentioned before that this is the only model you can buy from Hofele and it is available for purchase. More information on how to inquire about the Hofele HE 1 of 1 edition can be found on their website. With such cars, there is always a market demanding the creation of it and try not to think of this as an E-Class in fancy clothing. It was made to be special and the people who put their effort to making it unique have scored gold because this is a masterpiece.

Source: Hofele Press Release