Yes, the hotter version of the BMW 1 Series is coming sometime this year and will serve as the main replacement of the F20 M140i. I say that because people assumed that the new F40 M135i xDrive was meant to be the top of the range 1 Series just like the M140i was to the F20 generation. Just a quick reminder about the M135i xDrive, it has a 2.0-litre turbopetrol engine under the hood developing 302 hp (225 kW) & 450 Nm of torque going to all four wheels but unlike many BMW cars, this one is front-wheel drive bias.


So we are wondering whether the next M140i will be four-wheel drive like the F40 M135i and the answer to that has to be yes because the current BMW front-wheel platform is used throughout the 1 Series range and BMW will not develop a rear-wheel drive platform for the M140i which will only bring the cost of the car up. We assume it will be all-wheel drive and possibly be rear-wheel drive bias for a bit of fun. If only the M xDrive system could be made available for the M140i, where you can choose rear-wheel drive mode at will, but that is exclusively available to full-fledged M cars only.

BMW M140i F20
BMW M135i xDrive F40

Our prediction on the power output of the next M140i is that it will produce close to 275 kW just like in the current M40i models. BMW will surely fit in the B58 3.0-litre turbopetrol straight-six which makes one the best engine sounds on the market and performs well too.

F40 M140i Render by Carwow
New F40 M140i Caught Testing

Maybe and just maybe that the upcoming F40 M140i will win the hearts of the fans who came to fall in love with the F20 form but sort of fell out when they saw the F40 M135i. It is said that it will be revealed together with the M240i Coupe and Gran Coupe.


Source: BMWblog