We still don’t have the exact date of when the next BMW M3 will be revealed to the public and with the ongoing pandemic, we highly doubt that it will be anytime soon. The most anticipated aspect of the new BMW M3 is the design and we can only predict using spy photos and online renderings. Most of these renders suggest that it will feature a huge kidney grille like the one we have seen on the leaked 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe. Some people say it will look ugly and some say it won’t hurt BMW to try something new on the new M3.


It’s a known fact that most BMW models that were revealed back in 2018 till now have a larger grille than their predecessors. Here’s a render by Aksyonov Nikita in 2018, with the normal grille from the M3 F80 fitted on the G20 front end with an aggressive bumper. The design is clean and has been not changed that much concerning the body kit. The render is a fusion of the M3 F80 and the standard 3 series G20.


The next render is by the popular BMW forum website, Bimmerpost, and this one features the controversial huge kidney grille on the front and there’s no subtle presence to it at all. The wheel arches have been widened to showcase the stance look and features adaptive LED lights.


This one is the actual rear end leak of the BMW M3 G80 and I have mixed feelings about it. The aggressive part has been attended well but I really don’t like the body coloured diffuser and the exhaust pipes are too small. But this is only a test mule meaning it won’t be like this exactly and I appreciate BMW for keeping the traditional quad exhaust pipes design alive.

Other renders still conclude the same design cues as the ones I have mentioned in this article but mostly with a much larger kidney grille. We are yet to see how the next M3 will come out like but those who have actually witnessed the final product say that we will love it.