We are only days away from the Geneva International Motor Show where the 8th generation Golf GTi will be revealed to the public for the first time. We are constantly being hinted with how it will look like via sketches and renders and with leaked power outputs. So far we have been able to join the pieces together and it has sparked an idea on how the Golf 8 GTi will look like. The Golf performance versions that have been announced are five namely the GTi, GTi TCR, GTE, GTD and the big daddy, the Golf 8 R.

We will be focusing on the GTi but then all power outputs for the performance Golf’s have been leaked, so I will mention them anyway. We are not entirely sure if they are true but here we go.

  • Golf 8 GTi – 241 hp (180 kW)
  • Golf 8 GTi TCR – 296 hp (221 kW)
  • Golf 8 GTE – 241 hp (180 kW)
  • Golf 8 GTD – 197 hp (147 kW)
  • Golf 8 R – 329 hp (245 kW)

The Golf GTi front end will be much sleeker than its predecessor with honeycomb style fog lights with the same design carried on to the grille plus an optional LED strip light will be offered. The iconic red strip will still be there accompanied by the GTi logo which retains its original font. The GTi’s five spoke wheels that keep evolving will come as standard with the front fenders having the GTi nameplate. The rear will have the circular tailpipes that we have come to love on GTi models. It will have a rear spoiler plus a merely aggressive diffuser to sell that sporty look.

The engine will be a revised 2.0 litre turbopetrol engine mated to the ever so impressive 7-speed DSG and the front wheels being driven with an added limited slip differential. The era of the particulate filter has silenced a lot of the performance cars engine noise but we are hoping that Volkswagen will look into that and ensure that the Golf 8 GTi still crackles and pops. South Africa will get the Golf 8 models together with the GTi at the launch. We can only give out this much details about the 8th GTi because Volkswagen has been secretive about the specifications, we will only find out more at the Geneva Motor Show.