We are within another decade in the 21st century and Mercedes Benz has announced several models including the new electric cars that will be joining the line up this year. Models like the new S-Class, an all-electric S-Class based vehicle and a new C-Class. That being said, space must be made for new cars to come in and that is why Mercedes Benz has announced that they are going to discontinue some of the existing models in the lineup. They have also stated that they have stopped development projects on Internal combustion engines and they are now focusing only on full electric cars, so expect some future petrol cars to use the same engine as the current models.

The cars that will not see being replaced by successors are the S-Class Coupé and Convertible but then the SL-Class will serve as the replacement for these body styles when it’s release day comes. There will no longer be an S-Class Coupé nor a Convertible nameplate but then an SL Coupe and SL Convertible will be made for the existing demand of luxurious two door vehicles. Mercedes Benz is focusing on making the S-Class W223 a standalone four door sedan which will come with new tech that will be used on future Mercedes Benz models also.

The sleek, sexy four coupe that is the CLS will not be replaced by a new CLS but rather will be erased from the books of Mercedes Benz models. The executives of Mercedes Benz see no reason to make a new CLS coupe as it’s sales are not improving that much. Some speculations suggest the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S Coupé might suffer the same fate even though it was newly introduced just two years ago. It’s not because of sales but there is a wash of too many models in the line up and Mercedes is looking into keeping its offerings clean.

You might have heard that Mercedes Benz’s ambitious project of the X-Class has gone down the drain. The X-Class will seize production is May 2020 and there are no plans of making a successor. Reason is the X-Class was just an overpriced Nissan Navara in expensive clothing, that’s it. The B-Class is also going to end with it’s current generation and I believe this is because the rise in popularity of SUV’s has overshadowed MPV’s and people are no longer interested in purchasing them.

Electric cars are slowly becoming car manufacturers priority with Honda planning to sell electric cars only in Europe by 2025. Car manufacturers are prioritising the creation on new electric cars and are not letting Tesla have all the electric car market to itself. Maybe we will move on from petrol cars to electric within ten years but it will be a very hard ten years.