There’s only a few weeks to go until the 89th annual Geneva International Motor Show, which will take place from the 5th of March to the 15th of March. Every car manufacturer is eager to reveal their latest cars at this prestigious auto show, even drawing in tuning companies to show off their mastery skills. One of the tuning companies is a German-based tuner called Hofele Designs and they make one of the best bespoke Mercedes Benz models out there. Ever since Daimler AG gave them permission to modify Mercedes Benz models, Hofele’s focus was on customising the exterior and interior to perfection.

Hofele has since announced that they will make an appearance at this year’s Geneva Auto Show and will showcase their latest bespoke Mercedes Benz models. They have not announced which models will be at the show but they have a released a teaser video, which you can watch here, that shows a glimpse of the models to be revealed. We have a hunch that it will be the Geländewagen (G-Class), E-Class, GLE SUV, V-Class and Mercedes latest electric car, the EQC.

There are some notable changes to look out for that will distinguish these models from their counterparts. The interior will receive some luxurious materials such as special leather, Alcantara lining, wood and brushed metal panels. The exterior will be treated to some customized Hofele wheels plus chrome parts on the door panels, front grille and bumpers. Hofele doesn’t mess around with the engine as they believe that the power is sufficient. All they do is satisfy the customer’s needs of having a car that is unique from any existing Mercedes Benz models.

They have customized cars from other manufacturers like the Jeep Wrangler which looks sweet. The S-Class, GLS and C-Class also got the treatment from Hofele before. They are one of the best at providing the best bespoke Mercedes Benz products. More on Hofele at this year’s GIMS will follow later on.