The Grand Tour renewed for season 4!

With The Grand Tour season 3 airing in mid January 2019, we all thought that it is coming to an end as the show was initially signed for 3 seasons only. But now The Grand Tour has been announced for an additional season coming in 2020. This means that we will see the lads more on Amazon Prime.

If you’re wondering what The Grand Tour is, well I will explain. The Grand Tour is a show which was created by the former Top Gear trio: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May with Andy Wilman as the new producer. After their break up with BBC in 2015, they signed a deal immediately with Amazon Prime and the first season was rolled out in 18 November 2016. They test out the latest cars in a very unusual but entertaining way.

The trio has signed a two year deal with Amazon to film a new season. What this means is that there will be TGT Specials which will see the trio ditching the tent to go on amazing adventures just like they did on Top Gear Specials.

I am really excited that we will get to see more of “Oh Cock” and “Hammond, you idiot”. Season 3 is coming really soon and you will see Jeremy testing the McLaren Senna and the three lads going to an epic adventure with three used 4×4 pick-up trucks.

What I’m very keen to see is which historic motorsport event will Richard Hammond get to narrate. James May did the Ford vs Ferrari Le Mans race and Jeremy Clarkson did the Audi vs Lancia Rally Cross event.

So save the date for Season 3 which is coming in 18 January 2019. You will experience a lot of laughs with the trio joking around. It’s going to be epic!

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