Just a few months ago BMW revealed their reincarnated luxurious sports car, the BMW 8 series. On the unveiling day we were showered with the incredibly beautiful M850i which is going to have a 4.4 liter V8 which will produce 530 bhp. Now that sounds like a very fierce rocketship but BMW is not ending their menace with the M850i. It was obvious from the start that a revamped, exotic M8 will be coming our way. Most of us have been wondering how the new M8 will look like. Well quite recently, a number of pictures of the upcoming M8 have been leaked with camouflage and yes, it looks very good!

Although the one that has been leaked is not the standard M8 it’s actually the competition pack which is BMW M’s more aggressive car from the standard M car. Rumours have been going around that the M8 will use a 4.4 liter turbocharged V8 from the M5 F90 but it will be tweaked to produce a heavy 650 hp. In a car that weighs a lot less, this will surely be a hooligan.

The M8 will come as a coupé, convertible and a gran coupé, which is a four door. Pretty sure that the upcoming M8 will set the standard of fast, luxurious coupés at a whole new level. When the first 8 series was released in the 90s, it was the pinnacle of coolness. Although it was rare, people still loved it. Many people are rooting for the M8 to have a V12 but regulations may intimidate BMW not to do so.

You can clearly see that the BMW M8 will come with a hefty design tweaks such as the carbon fibre rear diffuser, the signature BMW M carbon fibre roof, kidney grill in high gloss black colour, revised M bumper and some special BMW M competition pack wheels. That colour is just amazing, really love it!

Because the 8 series range will be coming to South Africa next year in the first quarter of 2019, my predictions are we will be receiving the M8 later in 2019. Can’t wait to see it in the flesh!