Brands like BMW, Porsche and Audi do know how to style their car in a very unique way. If that’s not good enough for your taste, you can opt to buy a tuned car. Take for instance you want a tuned Mercedes Benz GLS. There are many tuning companies out there but no need to look further because Hofele Designs is here float your bout.


Firstly, let me give you an insight on what Hofele is. Hofele-Design is a German Tuning company that has been modifying cars like Mercedes Benz for over thirty years. They provide high end luxurious cars to customers who feel car manufacturers aren’t doing enough. They are best known for top-notch car exterior and interior design. Now they have recently released their latest modified Mercedes Benz GLS 400.


They took the GLS and added their magic to it to make it very exceptional. Brabus usually tunes Mercedes Benz cars to look beastly but the GLS looks much more impressive with the Hofele-Designs touch added to it. It looks very premium and it is just in another level, it doesn’t look like any other GLS nor does it draw attention like any other car. It is of high class, just exceptional.

In the engine compartment there is no change at all, it is the same engine from a normal GLS 400. A 3.0 litre V6 Biturbo with 362 hp (270 kW).



First things first, you will notice that the exterior has been tip-toed to a very high level of sportiness. The front bumper has been shaped like the one from the GLS 63 AMG, it’s not entirely similar but you will notice that some design features have been taken from the AMG. You will quickly notice that the front bumper has been allocated some carbon fibre to make it have that expensive look. The back of the GLS might confuse you with the signature AMG tailpipes. You might think it’s a GLS 63 AMG but fear not because you will quickly notice that it is a Hofele inspired GLS with the Hofele badging.



You can also see the rear spoiler polished really well. There are various wheel designs to choose if this one doesn’t intrigue you. There is a lot to appreciate in the work that Hofele-Designs puts into this amazing creation. I just love the exterior so much but not as much as the interior.

Talking about the interior of this car just makes me speechless. The attention to detail in every stich in that leather upholstery is just marvellous. The interior has been inspired by Maybach and Roll Royce. It looks very plush and upmarket.



You will surely appreciate sitting on the Nappa Leather seats. Hofele has simply touched the interior and made it one of a kind. Interiors like this welcome you in a sensible manner. The diamond like stitching really makes you go “wow”. Hofele has really outdone themselves with such amazing work and dedication they have put to this Mercedes Benz.


There are not many Tuning companies out there that do what Hofele-Designs does. They know how to impress and make a car this great looking. We believe that Hofele-Designs can put other Tuning Companies with their craftsmanship. You got to love the Hofele-Designs GLS.

You can visit their website here.