People have been wondering when is BMW going to fill the gap between the X1 and X3 because some car manufacturers like Audi have made the Q2. So BMW has decided to join in on the Small Compact SUV segment with their newest model the BMW X2. Obviously it looks great but many people will judge as it doesn’t have the shape as the X6 and X4. Many were expecting it to have a X6 shape but BMW has gone for a smooth, simple coupe hatchback style.


On first glance you will notice that the body is very low and has a smooth streamlined body. It looks very sporty and its aerodynamic body completes the aspect of sportiness. BMW has created a car which is really appealing to anyone who is looking for a small SUV which is infused with the DNA of sportiness. The back of the X2 is very much close to the X2 concept. There is an optional M Sport rear spoiler. There are also the nice twin tailpipes with a nice sport tone.


BMW has really outdone themselves with this creation. BMW ever since was not best at making Sport Utility Vehicles but they have seen their mistakes and corrected them accordingly. The old X3 was just bland, not interesting but the current X3 just takes my breath away. The New X2 is what BMW should be proud about because it’s a car everyone can agree on.

Sportiness should obviously come with a punchy engine. Thankfully this is BMW and when it comes to engines they are just experts in that. There is a choice of two engine variants, sDrive20i petrol and xDrive20d diesel. The sDrive20i is a front-wheel drive with an engine that packs a reasonable 141 kW of power and 280 Nm of torque and has a 7-speed Steptronic dual-clutch transmission. Meanwhile, the xDrive20d is an all-wheel drive which has a diesel engine that produces 140 kW, this is not far from the petrol engine concerning power. Anyway it produces 400 Nm of torque and has an 8-speed Steptronic transmission. BMW has a trick up their sleeves which is the “intelligent all-wheel drive” xDrive from the xDrive20d. I wonder how that works, I mean BMW hasn’t explained it yet so don’t expect me to know, we are all waiting for BMW to release further information on the BMW X2.


Going to the inside of the car I would say it’s nothing new, it’s typical BMW design with leather seats, BMW centre console. Though you will find some updated features which is the new BMW ConnectedDrive System. The iDrive has an optional 8.8-inch Control Display with touchscreen capability which is very convenient these days. The interior is really lovely considering all the materials and work put into it. There are tech kits to choose from in the new X2.


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There are Three Model Variants to choose from which is the Basic, M Sport, M Sport X. Preferably I believe the M Sport X is the one to go for because it just brings out the persona of the X2 sportiness.


The Basic Model is not all that bad as you get everything you need as standard. There is the 17-inch wheels or you may go for an optional 19-inch wheels. The exterior is good with black, wraparound cladding strip on the side of the car. The Interior is all perfect and satisfying with an Oxide Silver Dark interior splash trim. You also get the standard infotainment system which is alright.


The M Sport is much sportier than the Basic model. It comes with a sporty body kit and more design language. It has optional 19 to 20-inch M Sport wheels which makes it more appealing to the eyes of buyers. The interior becomes sportier with Perforated Dakota leather in Black with M-piping.


Now the M Sport X is the model to go for because the body is much chunkier and much, much attractive. The front bumper has some really interesting design elements in Frozen Grey. The body looks much more aggressive but at the same time much sensible. New interior trim in aluminium hexagon anthracite with exclusive accent strip in Pearl-effect Chrome. Almost every high-end equipment is standard on the M Sport X.

I should also mention the colours which come with the X2 which are very much unique. The colours are Galvanic Gold, Sunset Orange and Misano Blue.

Now I’m pretty sure you are jumping around excitedly but don’t be so quick because it’s a new model from BMW. I’m saying this because it will have a very hefty price tag.


Prices start from R642 200. With the sDrive20i M Sport being R642 200 and M Sport X being R671 900. xDrive20d M Sport being R692 900 and M Sport being R722 600. Now options are excluded so expect a variety of options to choose from. This means the price of the model and options that you add to will increase.

I hope BMW consider adding an M40i to the X2 range because I believe it will be very excellent.

The BMW X2 is a one of a kind car. Even though the price tag is a bit high, it’s still a lovable car which is ideal for urban driving and just flooring it if you feeling lucky. The X2 is not just a car, it’s Art.