The hot hatchback segment has been dominated by the Golf GTi for a very long time since 1975 because the original Golf GTi had everything you needed in a hot hatch plus it outperformed it’s rivals. The Golf GTi is a legend in the streets of South Africa. It has many names such as Vrrphaa and blesser. Enough with that because Volkswagen has released a newly facelifted Golf 7 GTi and I have to say, it still looks the same. But there are various changes that you may notice.

First thing is the updated Adaptive LED headlights and the front grille and bumper seems to be similar to that of the GTi clubsport model. The front fenders have been revised even though you won’t notice it. The wheels have been updated also which you can choose from various optional wheels. The rear tailgate lights have been updated, now featuring an Audi like “sweeping” indicator effect on performance models which is very cool if you ask me.There are some of the features that are not standard like that “sweeping” indicator.

The Golf GTi is known for it’s performance which is really impressive. It is a very fast trackday performance car while being a great car for urban driving. The very impressive 2.0 liter TSI engine has been tweaked and tuned to produce not 162 kW but 169 kW. The engine is still mated to the usual but incredible quick shifting 6-speed DSG transmission. This allows the car to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 6.4 seconds and has a top speed of 248 km/h. The gearbox is insane because for a hot hatch it changes gears quick without bringing down the revs. 

The standard suspension is still the stiffened suspension which maximizes great control and handling ability. You can also get the optional Adaptive Chassis Control which improves driving comfort and driving performance. From changed performance figures to revised interior design. Actually wait, there is not that much interior change to the updated Golf 7 GTi.

The changes that are seen is the optional Virtual Cockpit which is very impressive because you can see  information on what is going on about the car on the speed dials. This enables the driver to see information such as speed limits and lane departure warning plus you can view map information or Sat-Nav on the screen of the Virtual Cockpit. Another addition is a new optional 9.2 inch touchscreen with gesture control but the 8.0 inch, less fancy, touchscreen is standard. The 9.2 inch touchscreen system is the one to go for because it is very efficient and great to use.

Rivals just eat their hearts out because they can’t compete with the affordability, great looks and great driving experience of the Volkswagen GTi. 

Reason why it has been nominated?

The Golf 7 GTi is a one of a kind hatchback with great heights of driving experiences. You can tell that it is popular because the sales of the GTi are very high in South African. Rivals are faster but they can’t reach the milestones of legendary like the GTi, it is a car like no other and it embraces it’s heritage.