The Best selling car globally is at it yet again. The Polo has been the first choice car for a person who has just started to work or has started to go to university. The Polo is a car that took people long miles and it never gave the owner problems. 

The fifth generation Polo Mk5 was awarded European car of the year in 2010, it was also awarded other various awards like World car of the year at the New york International Auto Show in 2010. Now Volkswagen has released another version of the Polo called the Polo Mk6. This will surely share it’s genes with the facelifted Golf. This car has been redesigned inside and outside.

It is an all-new polo with all-new standard and optional features. There are also new engines that have been announced by Volkswagen. A new engine which is a 1.5 TSI “EVO” with a power output of 148 hp. The engine that got my attention is the newly introduced natural gas powered 1.0 TGI producing 89 hp. 

I am really curious on how that engine works. Obviously there will be a GTi model and that comes with a usual 2.0 TSI engine but this one has been upgraded to produce more horses.

 The new Polo comes with updated headlights and rear lights. The interior has been tweaked and redesigned and now features an optional Active Info Digital Display Cockpit which basically has the ability to show the navigation and gives you driver information in a very cool way. This will allow the driver to be able to know everything that’s happening to the car while driving without being distracted.

The car will come with 14 customizable colours and now you can also customize the interior with 17 different dashboard colours. This will be very appealing to the youth as they can create their own colourful car that will suit their style and character.

Now that car manufacturers have new advanced features that they put in their car models, VW has caught up to that and now offer standard technological features in their baby polo. 

Those features are front collision detection, blindspot assist and emergency stopping. The boot space is much, much larger than it’s predecessor with a boot increase of 25%.

Volkswagen has also announced a sedan will be available. The new polo is the next step to a great redesign of funky cars that come very appealing to the eyes of any buyer who wishes to live life in a very exciting way. If I was a person looking for a new car, I would not look any further but instantly choose to buy the Polo.

GCR rating- 9/10… very cool and awesome!!